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On 1st April I've received an email with a 15% discount promo code" from Depositphotos"

I have signed up and subscribed for 100 images per day which they charged me $560.15 using skrill payment method.

Invoice No. '- S-1340921

Note: I have everything screenshots, invoice, payment info and all emails After 3 days they blocked my account for no reason, without even sending me a notice or warning.

I tried to contact them but no one answered my call I contact their live support, the only message I got from them was "Please, write to"

All emails and phone calls to seek an explanation have been ignored. And any attempt to highlight complaints on their Facebook page leads to an immediate ban. Before filing a complaint against depositphotos, I tried to contacted but unfortunately they ignored me and the only message I got form them was "Your account has been detected as a participant of fraudulent activities."

They refused provide me any explanation and refused to refund my money forcing me to contact BBB for help

Monetary Loss: $560.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #813286

I saw that offer too. Sounds like they're a bunch of thieves.

It's time for the DA to get involved. I'll link this to a bunch of blogs I belong too.

to Spread the Word #813378

Thank you for your message. I didn't go to them they invited me and once I've subscribed they blocked me for no reason, I am not the first and only person who lost money, Depositphotos charged thousands of people ($59) for their so called "Free Trial Subscription" not only one time but continued to charge them every week for a Free Subscription and lots of them never complaint about it. by the way who starts a lawsuit for $59.

and It's been almost a month since I filed a complaint with BBB and still no word from Depositphotos.

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